Please note that accommodation booking deadline is 31 May 2017

Please note that accommodation booking deadline is 31 May 2017

Please note that accommodation booking deadline is 31 May 2017

Please note that accommodation booking deadline is 31 May 2017L



If the number of entries in an event exceeds the number of racing lanes, the entries will be divided into two or more heat finals. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of heat final.


A separate classification will take place and prizes will be awarded for each age category, even when the race is held together with other age groups. This applies to both men’s and women’s events.


Entries must be made in the name of a bona fide club registered with its national federation.


Substitute shall not be permitted if the age of the substituting rower would lower the average age of the crew by more than one year or change the age category of that crew. Crews will also be allowed to invite a substitute from another club.


At World Rowing Masters regattas, static umpiring positions shall be used, in order to eliminate washes from motor boats. There are normally no motor boats following the competitors; the number of such boats in the water will be minimal, just enough to insure safety and efficient operation and maintenance of the course.


At the discretion of the Masters Rowing Commission and/or President of the Jury, an Umpire’s launch may be used to follow races.


In exceptional cases (e.g. suspension of the regatta), the necessary decisions will be made by the


Chair of Organizing Committee after consultation with the President of the Jury and the Chair of the Masters Rowing Commission.


On behalf of the Executive Committee, the Masters Rowing Commission shall adjudicate on all cases not covered by the racing rules, the bye-laws and the present regulations, as well as on disputes which may arise during any World Rowing Masters Regatta. The decision of the Masters

Rowing Commission shall be final.



Introduction of World Rowing Masters Club Trophy in 2017


The FISA Masters Commission has for a number of years considered ways and means to emphasise a universal competition within our traditional regatta format. The Masters Rowing Commission plans to introduce a “World Rowing Masters Club Trophy” to be awarded from the 2017 edition of the World Rowing Masters Regatta to the best clubs based on a points system. For the 2017 event in Bled, we propose two trophies to be awarded for the best clubs in the women’s and men’s categories. This initiative will be done in addition to the traditional format that has stood the test of time. The competition format and other relevant information will be released by 30 April 2017.






The Doping Control Test center is located in the Boathouse Area. For all information on the Doping control procedures, please refer to the FISA Rule Book. Further information is available on the FISA website


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