Top 10 Tips to Save Money on Utility Bills

These tips are not in any order but they all work great!

1. Teach the women in your house that if they try on something and decide not to wear it, hang it back up instead of throwing it down. This will save $ on water and electricity as it will keep you from re-washing already clean clothes.

2. Wait on the email! Do you think you have to check your email all the time so you leave your computer on? It can wait. Keep the computer OFF until you are going to use it for an extended amount of time and not just a quick email check. This will save more a bit of electricity, try it and see.

3. Be sure to check YOURSELF and make sure the windows are closed. It was 72 today so naturally, the windows were open. It got to 42 at night so we turned a little heat on. My husband said he shut all the windows but when I checked 2 were still open, we were heating the world!

4. Teach your kids that electricity is money which means FEWER toys. Take the time to teach your kids the value of money and they will help you turn off the lights when not in use. This works with the water bill as well. My kids are only 2 and 3, and they know to turn off the lights when you leave the room or it ‘wastes money’.

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5. Give the kids a bath every other night during the winter. Who cares what the neighbor does? Save money and keep the kids warmer. Wipe them down good and if they are not dirty why make them take a bath when it is so cold? Every other night is perfect as long as they maintain good hygiene.

6. Invest in footie pajamas! You put them on your kids so put them on you too. What better way to keep yourself warm on a cold day than footie pajamas? No one is going to see you, go ahead and wear them! You will stay warmer and be able to keep the thermostat a little lower!

7. Cuddle Up!! Again, let’s turn the thermostat down and save some money on our heating bill. Get in bed, put the blankets on and cuddle up! Use body heat to keep each other warm!

8. Turn the fans on backward. Yes, fans can be used all year round to keep you comfortable. Most ceiling fans have a little black switch that will enable them to go the opposite way pulling the heat down from the ceiling. Don’t keep it a secret, tell everyone!

9. Dance! We all know that exercise heats you up! Have a dance party in your footie pajamas! Don’t sit there and shiver, get up and get moving to stay warm!

10. Wear your jeans more than once. If it is not broken, don’t fix it and if they are not dirty don’t wash them. No one will know that you took your jeans off and hung then back up. If they are clean, wear them again! You will save not only time but electricity and water as well!

I hope you enjoyed my tips!! More great tips here –

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