Bled is the symbol of Slovenia's beauty

One of the most beautiful rowing courses in the world

Exceptional entry result - over 17,000 seats registered! 

Rich accompanying tourist programme available! 

Experience a Slovenian fairy tale!




Until midnight on Wednesday, May 31 2017: 26 € per seat plus 1 € supporting the Masters Fund for Youth Development for a total of 27 €.




Midnight on Monday, July 31 2017: 29 € per seat plus 1 € supporting the Masters Fund for Youth Development for a total of 30 €.


Entries for mixed races on Sunday, September 10 2017 can be registered on the Regatta entries website or at the Regatta venue on Friday, September 8 2017 untill 6 p.m. (local time).





While registration is open, users can login to their Regatta Central account and scratch an entry at any time. According to the refund policy, all entries scratched before the Standard Deadline are eligible for a full refund. RegattaCentral will issue all refunds back to the card used to submit payment. For additional information about refund please contact Regatta Central directly - link here


Please note that scratches via e-mail ... are not valid.


NOTE: Entries are non-refundable after July 31 2017.



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