Halloween Costume Ideas Using Household Items

So, you’re attending a Halloween bash but don’t have a costume or the funds to buy one.

Put together a costume using your imagination and items you already have at home. These costume ideas are mainly for adults.

ghost costumeFor a ghost costume that’s more accurate than the boring butchered bed sheet, dress completely in white, from top to bottom.

Powder your hair or wear a wig, and apply white makeup to your face, neck, and hands.

The classic zombie costume is easily pieced together. All you need is ragged clothing and makeup.

Borrow an oversized coat or jacket to make a headless horseman costume (without the horse o’ course!). Pad the shoulders with pillows or clothing so that the collar reaches the top of your head, and carry a plastic pumpkin. Better yet, affix the pumpkin to the collar at the top of your head.

clown costumeA clown costume is easy if you have a clown wig or multi-colored hair spray.

Wear brightly colored, mismatched clothing. Add suspenders, large plastic jewelry, flower in the lapel – whatever you have on hand.

Paint your face white, with a red nose, and whichever expression you like.

Animals are relatively simple. Wear the same color top and bottom and add ears, tail, whiskers, and fuzzy slippers.

The old gender switch is always entertaining. Couples dress as the opposite sex, with the male sporting a dress, huge fake boobs, makeup, and a wig to flip and twirl. Women wear masculine clothing and mustache and add plenty of scratching and belching.

A Jerry Springer/trailer trash duo would be interesting. The host should wear a suit and glasses and carry a microphone. The guest(s) should be scantily clad with teased hair and bad teeth and begin every sentence with “Wayle, Jerry…”

You could dress up like a slob. Wear a bathrobe and slippers, with messy hair. Glue pieces of food and candy wrappers to a ragged white undershirt to complete the look.

Television and movie characters and celebrities who sport a distinct style, but not necessarily a mask or elaborate costume, make for entertaining mockery. Think Wednesday Addams or the Fonze.

A couple could dress as Hank and Peggy Hill.

Imitating any of the hair-band rockers, like Bret Michaels, is easy. All you need is long stringy or teased hair, a bandanna, lots of silver rings, and layers of denim and leather.

A Flava Flav costume would consist of over-sized clothing, a sideways hat, gaudy gold bling, and the household clock worn on a chain around the neck. This get-up should be worn by a woman, while a man should wear teenage clothing and short blond hair as he chases around his Foofie-Foodie.

Chris Crocker, aka Britney Fan, would be a fabulous choice. Wear scary-bad blonde and black streaks and punky clothing, maybe a shirt depicting Britney’s face. Scream “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!” every time someone looks at you.

Another good subject for mockery is Miss Teen South Carolina. Wear a gown, sash, and tiara and say super-intelligent things like “I … personally believe that Halloween is like, such as.” and “U.S Americans are for the candy in Iraq.”

More great ideas here – https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/holidays/halloween-ideas/g2750/easy-last-minute-halloween-costumes-diy/

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