Money Saving Beauty Tips

You don’t have to waste money on personal care items. You can do some things to help spread your dollars when times are tough.

It is hard to try to save some money by not purchasing as many soaps and creams for washing and moisturizing. Here are some tips to help you save some money when your money is tighter then you would like it to be.

The shampoo is made thick so that you can use it and make a rich lather. You can add a bit of water to an almost empty bottle of shampoo to make it stretch for a couple more hair washings.

Just add some water to the last of your shampoo and give the bottle a shake to mix the water into the rest of the shampoo that is in the bottle. You will still get a good hair washing. You can also do this with a bottle of almost empty hair conditioner.

Cotton is used for applying makeup and dabbing here and there. You can buy surgical cotton instead of other kinds of cotton. Surgical cotton can save you some money and it is just as nice to use.

You can make your talcum powder last longer by taping over a couple of holes in the bottle of talcum powder. Then when you shake your powder not as much will come out of the bottle and you won’t use as much of it.

You can also replace your talcum powder with some corn starch. Corn starch is inexpensive and it makes a great talcum powder alternative.

Foot powder is designed to keep feet dry and absorb odors. You can use corn starch and baking soda instead of foot powder. It works well at keeping feet dry and absorbing odors.

Lip gloss can be replaced with some petroleum jelly. You can apply the petroleum jelly directly on your lips or you can put the petroleum jelly on over your lipstick.

Whenever possible you can buy in bulk to save some money. You can also choose to buy a less expensive brand of the product than you usually buy to save some money.

When times are tough you can do some things to help spread your dollar further. You still need to pamper yourself once in a while but most of the time you can still try to save money to make ends meet.

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