Bled is the symbol of Slovenia's beauty

One of the most beautiful rowing courses in the world

Exceptional entry result - over 17,000 seats registered! 

Rich accompanying tourist programme available! 

Experience a Slovenian fairy tale!





The picturesque country of Slovenia invites everyone to indulge in its beautiful landscape, good wine and culinary delights. A variety of outdoor activities is within reach, just an hour’s drive from the capital, and a one and a half hour’s drive from Bled. You can set out to discover the underground Karst world, take a boat ride at the seaside or on the rivers or lakes. Discover the countryside riding a white Lipizzaner horse; set out into the mountains on a bicycle or go for a hike; taste the wines, and descend the snow-covered slopes on skis or play golf with friends.


Green country. Its extraordinary natural diversity and variety in countless shades of green.

Nature has combined and interwoven great natural riches in this small piece of Europe and granted Slovenia extraordinary variety and diversity that is still well preserved today. Over a third of the country's territory lies within the Europe-wide network of Natura 2000 protected areas, while other valuable areas have been proclaimed major parks and reserves. Direct contact with nature is possible even on the edges of the towns.

The past and the arts. Slovenia may have only just reached its adulthood but with a rich history.

Independent since 1991, Slovenia doesn’t have a majestic history like many larger European nations, but the past is nevertheless important. Culture has a special historical and social significance in Slovenia. It was primarily thanks to their culture and their common language of Slovene that the people of Slovenia were able to forge themselves into a nation and survive. Architecture has also been a vital part of Slovenian culture. The most famous native architect, Jože Plečnik, was a pioneer of modern Slovenian and European architecture in the 20th century. Ljubljana is famed for his work. Many of Plečnik’s students continued his legacy into the second half of the 20th century.

Slovenia is a sporting country.

Slovenia hosts major sports events with top competitors from around the world. Due to its diversity Slovenia has hosted many World Cup and World Championships as well as other international events. Recreational sports enthusiasts also have many events to choose from and have numerous sport facilities to be active in any weather or season.  

Slovenia has achieved disproportionate Olympic success relative to its size, with fifteen medals at five Summer Olympics and seven medals at six Winter Olympics.


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