Bled is the symbol of Slovenia's beauty

One of the most beautiful rowing courses in the world

Exceptional entry result - over 17,000 seats registered! 

Rich accompanying tourist programme available! 

Experience a Slovenian fairy tale!






Most hotels are within walking distance to Rowing Centre Bled, however shuttle service will be organized.
There will be a SHUTTLE BUS running from the centre of Bled, stopping at:


Bled Sports Hall (Športna dvorana) – Mangart (Kolodvorska 2 naslov) – Central Park Area (PP pred Malo Zako) – Boathouse Area (Mala Zaka) – Finish Area (Velika Zaka) – Bled Shopping center (Gadafi)


The bus will be running from 5.30 AM to 8 PM:

- Monday, September 4, and Tuesday, September 5, every 30 minutes,

- Wednesday, September 6 - Sunday, September 10, every 15 minutes.


Shuttle BUS/ Transportation package will cost additional 20 EUR for the duration of the whole week. You can buy tickets online - please find the link on the right side of the page - or in the Information Centre at the Boathouse Area.


Parking close to the boathouse area is arranged. The price is 5 EUR/ day or 20 EUR/ day for Parking Package (Monday to Sunday). The package can be bought online or in the Information Centre at the Boathouse area.

For information on transport write to: ...


During these last few remaining days until the official start of the regatta, we are moving our Office to Bled. We will respond to your emails and requests as soon as we read them but please note that due to moving and working outside of the office it might take some more time. 


Thank you for your understanding and if you have any further questions when in Bled, please do not hesitate to stop by our Transportation Office in the Info Centre.




Transportation from and to the Ljubljana Airport to Accommodation facilities will be provided for teams on demand and for additional payment.


  • Airport Ljubljana - Bled (one direction) = 18 €/ person,
  • Airport Ljubljana - Bled - Airport Ljubljana = 31 €/ person.

Estimated time to/from Bled to Airport Ljubljana is 20 - 30 minutes. 


Transportation from and to other nearby airports (Venice, Graz, Klagenfurt, Villach, Trieste, Zagreb) can also be organized upon request.


  • Airport Klagenfurt - Bled - Airport Klagenfurt (one direction) = 25 €/ person,
  • Airport Klagenfurt - Bled - Airport Klagenfurt = 45 €/ person.
  • Airport Venice - Bled (one direction) = 50 €/ person,
  • Airport Venice - Bled - Airport Venice = 95 €/ person,
  • Airport Trieste - Bled (one direction) = 40 €/person,
  • Airport Trieste - Bled - Airport Trieste = 75 €/person,
  • Airport Zagreb - Bled (one direction) = 50 €/person,
  • Airport Zagreb - Bled - Airport Zagreb = 95 €/person.


Transport will be available between September 1 and 12 2017. Deadline to book a transportation to and from Bled to nearby airports is August 18 2017. Please write to ...









 Write now and book a Shuttle to and from Bled 






























Transportation during the whole week from Monday to Sunday around the Bled.

Price 20 EUR.




1 day rent = 17 €
4 days rent = 65 €
7 days rent = 110€





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