Bled is the symbol of Slovenia's beauty

One of the most beautiful rowing courses in the world

Exceptional entry result - over 17,000 seats registered! 

Rich accompanying tourist programme available! 

Experience a Slovenian fairy tale!


Boat park area will be accessible to all participants and their accompanying persons with accreditation. It is easily accessible and within walking distance from the town center.




There will be no parking facilities in the boat park, but there will be a parking area available about 500 meters from the boat park. Participants will be able to walk to the boat park or take a shuttle bus, which will stop there as well. The parking fee will be 5 EUR per day.




All participants arriving to the boat park with boats will be given a special one-time accreditation permission to access the boat park and unload their boats. After unloading boats you may store trailers at the boat park.


There will be volunteers helping you unload the boats and park the trailer at the boat park area. To make the process as smooth as possible, we kindly ask you to indicate your approximate arrival time and number of boats you are bringing with you to the following email ....


You will be able to collect your boats only from 5 PM on Friday, September 8 2017, and Saturday, September 9 2017, and on Sunday, September 10 2017, from 8 AM.



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